• GEBOREN :     14.12.1991

  • VON :     Davos

  • GRÖSSE :     183 cm

  • GEWICHT :     72 kg



"Istarted windsurfing when I was nine years old on Lake Davos and Lake Silvaplana in Switzerland. I immediately loved the wind and the feeling on the water and I spent every spare minute on the lakes. Luckily my family shared this passion and every Friday we packed the van and drove to a windy spot somewhere around the beautiful Swiss Alps. I'm really happy that they offered me the opportunity to perform my favourite sport so often in different places."

"During our yearly summer holidays in Sardinia, the freestyle pros really impressed me. I wanted to be as good as them and started teaching myself. Soon enough, I mastered a solid selection of basic tricks. Until now i`m trying to improve my windsurfing technique every minute on the water."

"The minute I bought my own van, I started going on road trips with my brother and friends and I still enjoy discovering more and more of Europe's windiest places. There are already some new windsurfing projects in my mind…"

Marco Sprecher