• GEBOREN :     22.08.1957

  • VON :     tba

  • GRÖSSE :     180 cm

  • GEWICHT :     80 kg



"40 years ago I was one of the first windsurfers in Switzerland. From the first contact with a windsurf board I knew this is my sport. In the 80ies I met Robby Naish the first time in Switzerland at lake Silvaplana where he also participated the windsurf marathon with over 600 participants. This events have been very inspiring."

"Windsurfing has had an enormous evolution in first 20 years. The inventions came nearly in a monthly step and I started myself to shape windsurf boards for my own use. Testing was always at lake Garda. Still today it is my favorite spot which I visit several times a year. Since six years I use Patrik Boards and I’m very happy to be now a member of the Point-7 Team. I will be the ambassador for the Point-7 AC-X Sails, because I’m convinced that this no Cam Sails are as fast as the camber sails. In Slalom the easy handling will be a big advantage !."

"In my real life I'm a Salesmanager for a software consulting company. And with my IT knowledge I became a GPS expert. I'm also the distributor of GPS Devices in Switzerland and I organize speed contest. One of my goals is to improve my personal top speed and show that the AC-X is really fast."

"Main goals for 2017 are to win with Point 7 Sails the Defi Wind in my category and to win the Swiss Cup and Swiss Championships in Super Grandmaster Category."

"The fascination of windsurfing never stopped and this supports me to stay strong and healthy. This means you will see me windsurfing fast even when I’m 80 years old :-)"

Angelo Fumagalli